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King Charles III: “Harry removed from coronation”

King Charles III: a formal coronation decision?

Therefore, for a long time, many royal pundits and experts wondered how old King Charles III was. He still lets his son dance on his nose. Following the Netflix documentary, many have already been calling for the 74-year-old to finally take action and strip the Sussexes of their royal titles and disqualify them from his coronation, which is scheduled for May 6, 2023. But until now, it was only speculation, but a palace insider now claims to have revealed For the “Sunday Times” that King Charles III. Take action now once and for all – and Prince Harry doesn’t want to be present at his coronation:

Prince harry has been dropped from coronation script and She will not have an official role in the ceremonyYou must be present.

According to royal protocol, the top 20 in line to the throne, including Prince Harry, must be present at such an important ceremony. But now Charles must break with some traditions: Charles will break with tradition and the abolition of royal dukes who kneel before the king and pay homage to him. Only William will take on this role.” It remains to be seen what and if there is anything to the latest information at all…

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