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King Charles III: Great Concern – ‘It’s Weakening’

It was an event of the century: last Saturday (May 6, 2023) King Charles III. solemnly crowned. The whole world watched as Charles got his crown on his head after 74 years of waiting. A poignant moment – but one that is also accompanied by an interest in the King. Within a few moments, Charles didn’t look fit, you could tell his age.

It was also seen by Edward Prinz von Anhalt, cousin of King Charles III. So. Commenting on RTL’s culmination, the 81-year-old also noted that his cousin wasn’t able to go as fast every second, as he reported in an interview on MDR’s “Riverboat” programme.

Cousin of King Charles III. He speaks plain language

I think he was allowed to show emotion. Not only was it a life experience for many others, but for him as well, something he would never return to. Then, of course, age has something to do with it. It must be said that the Queen had practiced for a long time when she got this crown. He didn’t train long enough, you can see that. And between that, weaker,” the aristocrat became clear.

+++ King Charles III: Special photos appeared +++

And yet: “It was a show like no other in the world. And the English love it. At least the majority.” And not only that, the audience’s ratings for the coronation were phenomenal. Also notable, Charles had some kind of sticky tape on his head to keep the crown in place.

Jokes about King Charles III.

But he also has a physical advantage, according to Eduard Prinz von Anhalt. Cousin Charles grinned, “He has a great advantage because he has prominent ears.” The nobleman mentions that he met Charles and Camilla at the same time.

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