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King Charles III: Forced to invite Prince Harry

Fifth place in the line of succession: royal protocol sets out the invitation to the coronation

One of the topics of concern to many royal experts and pundits after the documentary is whether Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will be invited to the coronation of the new monarch in May 2023. After all the allegations against the monarchy itself, and especially against the royal family, it would be a very big surprise if King Charles Third. He wants his son and wife to be with him at all.

But a palace insider now claims to Bild that he is already the king He has no other choice! Accordingly, an invitation is inevitable due to royal protocol, which states that members of the royal family who are in the top 20 in line to the throne must be invited – and that includes Prince Harry: Not inviting Harry would be a near impossible task for court protocol. says the insider. Of course, this does not apply to Duchess Meghan…

Either way: a lot could still happen before the coronation in May 2023 and many still don’t give up hope of a reconciliation with the royal family…

Sources used: Netflix Documentary “Harry & Meghan”, photo