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King Charles III: an amazing surprise

King Charles III: an amazing surprise

Charles hires the Ehrlich brothers

It is already clear that King Charles III. He will duly celebrate his day of honor – with a royal party. But that’s not all, because festivities should be organized only by German magician duo “Ehrlich Brothers” will open. How did this amazing decision come about? King Charles III is a recognized fan of Chris and Andreas Ehrlich! Early in 2018, King watched a show of the two brothers for the first time. At the time, Chris Ehrlich revealed intriguing details about Today’s King to ‘Bild’:

The prince was very interested Because he himself is a hobby magician. He praised us and radiated a natural joy.

Now the “Ehrlich Brothers” are allowed to play again on the British monarch’s birthday, which he will celebrate on December 1. A great honor! So it stands to reason that the witches would have already had their hands to prepare the show for King Charles III. to plan. They already revealed to BILD that the two of them Big size smartphones and fireworks are used.

Will Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also go to England for this spectacle? Doubtful, because after all, according to “The Mirror”, they coldly refused Charles’s birthday invitation and then the drama about the nicknames of the Sussex children Archie and Lilipet would still be …

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