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King Charles and William - here's the new 'Fab Four'

King Charles and William – here’s the new ‘Fab Four’

The Fab Four moniker redefined: In addition to Prince William and Kate, King Charles and Camilla take on the roles of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


The basics in brief

  • It is said that King Charles is supported by Prince William.
  • They stand together in the first pictures.

if it was dad With the (one) son…

That King Charles (73) and Prince William (40) Understand each other well is no secret. How well the future managerial duo get along with each other before Charles’ coronation is revealed by the two show.

registered The photo was taken during a funeral Queen Elizabeth Second: According to the English “mirror”, it has only been published now.

to see it? The new « Fab four»!

King Charles with his wife, queen spouse Camila (75). In addition, Prince of Wales William and his wife, Princess of Wales Kate (40) stand skillfully. roles Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) It is now officially a thing of the past in this quartet.

“We should get used to seeing William and Charles together at official meetings,” said one palace expert.

Should Prince William support his father in official matters?

“It has been suggested that William might share some duties with Charles. To ease the burden on our 73-year-old monarch.”

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