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Kindergarten Bleach makes way for a new building

Kindergarten Bleach makes way for a new building

In place of the old Kindergarten in Bleich, a new Kindergarten, a day school and a room for lower grades will be built. A community meeting will decide on the loan in May.

School space is scarce in Stettlen. Lower grades in particular need more space. About a year ago, Stettlen municipal council presented a possible solution: a temporary solution between the Gartenstrasse school building and the sports field.

Meanwhile, the constant increase in day school has exacerbated the precarious space conditions, the local council wrote in a letter. It became necessary to find a more sustainable solution. The Municipal Council formed a special committee comprising representatives from the Departments of Building Construction and Education, in addition to members of the Building Construction Committee. The office of E’xact Kostenplanung AG, Worb, has been contracted to provide advice and support to the client.

Harlequin stop

The Special Committee came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to demolish the old Bleich Kindergarten and build a new Kindergarten on the same site. The new building will house a kindergarten, a day school and two lower level classrooms including group rooms. In addition, the modular structure must be built in such a way that it can be expanded later.

The Harlequin Building will remain, where the day school is located mostly today. It can remain available for previous uses such as a playset, parenting advice and, if necessary, new for salvageable uses. There will also be space in reserve for additional day school needs.

The costs are not yet clear

The exact costs of the new school building are not yet clear. For the temporary arrangement originally favored by the municipal council, a total of three million francs was specified in the financial plan for 2022 and 2023. The new building in the kindergarten will cost more. The local council would like to report the project and costs at the beginning of May. On May 31, the loan will reach the community council, and construction will start from 2023.

Temporary solution to the triangle

During the construction phase, the school will need temporary replacement rooms. These were planned on a so-called “triangular plot”. The triangle between Bernstrasse, the indoor swimming pool and the Bleach Kindergarten is used year-round as a parking lot, gymnastics club festivals, the military and belongs to the community.