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Kids should have more space - Kander

Kids should have more space – Kander

The old Rawda park is being revitalized and will now be expanded to include a plot of land for construction.

. The municipal council wants to add €10,000 to the 2022 budget for the modernization of the outdoor play area in the “old” kindergarten in Berner Strasse. In addition, SPD has requested that the outdoor area be expanded to include a construction site that has not yet been sold. It will be decided in January whether the building space will not actually be sold.

Gabriel Weber, a spokeswoman for the SPD’s parliamentary group, got the ball rolling on Monday by drafting the said request. The background to this is the conviction, not only by the SPD municipal councils, that the old kindergarten will move from being a temporary solution to a permanent institution. Soon after the new building opened in Forsthausgarten, it became apparent that the city’s population development was so dynamic that there would not be enough space there. That is why two groups have already been transferred to the old kindergarten, which currently serves as the “front center” of the Forsthaus kindergarten.

So the idea was to build another kindergarten. But for SPD, it is clear: “According to a realistic assessment, no further new buildings will or can be foreseen in the long term,” Weber said in their application. A third group will even have to be housed in the old building, which should then be managed as an independent facility, according to the SPD’s forecast.

When 70 to 80 children visit the facility in Bernerstrasse at the latest, the space outside is no longer enough. This is why the construction site below the outdoor site, which has not yet been sold, must be added to the kindergarten, SPD claims. The kindergarten management, parents and the kindergarten working group should also be involved in planning its design.

Mayor Simon Boehner said the administration understands that improvements must be made for children in the old building, which was originally slated to be sold. Much has already been achieved, for example by modernizing the lighting. She provided reports of constructive parent evenings and meetings in which people also considered upgrading the existing site. “We want to include the kids, too,” Benner said. Webber was also observing the outside area that was displayed, which should be even more attractive.

Simone Penner has already contacted work yard manager Armin Fehrenbacher, who can install a stock hammock in no time and be ready to carry out further remodeling. As a trained carpenter, Fehrenbacher and his men are even able to “build the playground equipment themselves,” Simone Penner says. After an initial cost estimate by the Creative Workshop Manager, it will be possible to redesign the existing site for €8000 on short notice. In order to have a financial reserve, Benner suggested allocating 10,000 euros in the budget for this.

“We have to do the same in the old kindergarten,” said Daniela Schmider of Charles Darwin University. This view was shared by other parliamentary blocs, which also approved this investment. Johann Albrecht (Free Voters) suggested: “If the amount is not enough, you can also use money from the local budget of the main city for this purpose.” Willie Weiss added that the funds included in the “stadiums” budget line had not yet been recalled. However, Simon Benner saw the use of these in kindergarten as a problem.

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The city council will then decide this at its January meeting.