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Kickers Offenbach in the live tape: That's what OFC does at Elversberg

Kickers Offenbach in the live tape: That’s what OFC does at Elversberg

Kickers Offenbach meet SV 07 Elversberg in Regionalliga. (Archive image)

© Peter Hartnweiler / Imago

Kickers Offenbach meets SV Elversberg in Regionalliga Südwest. We report the game in the live tape.

Round 37 SV 07 Elversberg – Kickers Offenbach -: – (- 🙂

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Offenbach – Kickers Offenbach will meet SV Elversburg in the 37th round of the Regenleg Sudwestern League. The match will take place on Saturday (May 8, 2021) at 2 pm at Ursapharm-Arena at Kaiserlinde Stadium in Elversberg.

OFC continues its belief in promotion to 3rd division

OFC is still in the race for the championship in Regionalliga Südwest and the associated promotion to Division III. The day before the match, Kickers Offenbach celebrated their 3-2 home win against FC 08 Homburg, turning them back 0-2. An exciting game that proves that Sreto Ristic’s team has spirits and has yet to write off the promotion – despite being behind Freiburg II.

After 36 matches, Oceania has 74 points on the count and is still second in the Sudwest Regional League table. First runner SC Freiburg 2 has a five-point lead and another game played by Kickers Offenbach. SV Elversberg is third in the table with 72 points. Horst Stephen’s side won the final round 2-1 at SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, one of the strongest teams at home in Regionalliga Südwest. In the first leg between Kickers Offenbach and SV 07 Elversberg, there was a goalless draw over Bieberer Berg.

Oceania player Malte Karbstein is relieved to win the match against Homburg: “Against Homburg we believed in ourselves even after we lost 2-0. We really wanted to leave the field as a winner, and we were luckily successful.”

OFC: Coach Ristic expects an exciting match at Elversberg

Kickers’ coach Srito Rystic is expecting a close match in Elversburg: “SV Elversburg is a really good team with a great squad and an amazing amount of individual quality. For me one of the best teams, if not the best in the league. We’ll get this game as good as possible and try it. To decide it for us. ” (Smr)