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Khan and Killer Posey are in a power struggle

Khan and Killer Posey are in a power struggle

Tomorrow, the big UBS stage will belong to Sergio Ermotti. The CEO presents the third quarter results and says what will happen next with the CS swallow.

Unidentified people sitting next to Ermotti. The real strongmen who are positioning themselves to succeed the natives of canton Ticino operate behind the scenes.

There are two: Sabine Keller Bussi, head of the Swiss business, and Iqbal Khan, head of global wealth management.

The two papabilans expect one of them to take over as CEO within three years, when CS will be fully absorbed into UBS.

The race is really fierce. Keller-Busse’s behavior is what’s most talked about.

The former McKinsey consultant is said to have boundless ambition. One insider says that even Ermotti’s return to the massive training sessions would be viewed with criticism by Keller-Boss.

Another source does not see any fighting between the two alpha animals. Everyone in group management understands that CS integration requires working together in the same direction.

It is now the main topic in the boardroom and among colleagues in the group’s management, says Keller-Boss, who was the first to provide the information.

What next with her? This is the question that higher bodies are currently discussing behind closed doors.

Keller-Busse has recently suffered setbacks in its Swiss business. Zurich’s appointed president jumped into the fray from Geneva, Lombard Odier, before the mission officially began.

Co-Head of External Asset Managers joins Julius Baer. He was considered a top performer at Old UBS.

Recently, the change in the head of businessmen and CEOs in central Switzerland, who became a new partner in the famous Reichmuth Bank, was especially talked about.

There are always subsequent departures – good people often leave.

The never-ending “wave of escapes”, especially from the UBS “victorious camp” in Switzerland, is weakening the “Iron Lady” Keller-Boss.

Is this why she targeted Khan – and even Ermotti?

The pin is correct(iKhan; UPS)

If the rumors are true, this may have something to do with the unbridled career aspirations exuded by Switzerland’s top banker.

Her rise to the top also made her join the board of directors of the Zurich International Group. A significant additional burden.

She will have problems in the Khan’s empire, not much smaller than she had in the Swiss unit.

The Middle East leader, a friend of Khan’s from the old CS days, had to leave before the start; The same disaster that befell Killer Posey’s team with the Zurich coach, only two leagues behind.

The $9 billion loan to one of the most powerful Qatari clan also made international headlines.

The sheikh was one of the main clients of the recently ousted Middle East president.

Finally, the chief khan of Eastern Europe, who has led Russia’s CS business for a long time. He did not play a glorious role in the great Russian Geneva trial

He had recently lost the leadership position he had already been promised in Khan’s team – perhaps the pressure in the press was too great.

Khan and Kyler Posey: Negative stories are piling up on both sides.

Are the Crown Princes now conspiring against each other? To distract from your clutter?