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Kevin David Lehman on Forbes

Kevin David Lehman on Forbes

2.8 billion and they are still completely unknown. We’re talking about the teenager, heir to the dm drugstore chain and billionaire Kevin David Lehman.

The basics in brief

  • Kevin David Lehman is the richest person in the world under the age of 30.
  • At the same time, almost nothing is known about the 19-year-old.

Forbes Magazine She regularly publishes a list of the ultra-rich under the age of 30. Currently on top with 2.8 billion: Kevin David Lehman.

Half of the pharmacy chain owns dm. This is the largest pharmacy chain in Germany.

Krass: The young billionaire is only 19 years old! No less remarkable: almost nothing is known about him.

Do you respect your anonymity online?

from WikipediaThe entry only states that he was born sometime in September 2002. When he turned 14, he moved on dad Its stakes are in the DM pharmacy chain. supposed to him dad Then 76 years old.

dm pharmacy chain It has more than 3800 branches and 60,000 employees! Among them, apparently not a single person Kevin has ever seen. We don’t know him either,” a DM spokesperson told Bild.

There is not a single picture of the billionaire DM on the Internet

Nobody knows him. There are no pictures of Kevin on social media. This suggests that the boy does not have a normal private life.

Finally, the 19-year-old could also be traveling under an assumed name. Pay attention to what he puts on the Internet and what he doesn’t.

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