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Keratin hair straightening: This is why it can be dangerous

Keratin treatment

“Smoothing can be dangerous”

Want to separate from your curls? Then it can be the permanent solution for keratin hair straightening. The hairdresser explains to whom it suits.


Keratin permanent hair straightening has a bad reputation. However, anyone who visits an experienced hair salon has little to fear.

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It’s a well known story: you always want what you’re not already blessed with. Some therefore regularly curl their straight hair, while others use heavy equipment to straighten what is possible. there next to Perm Just the possibility of permanent stretching…that’s where keratin smoothing comes in.

It has the notoriety of stressing and ruining hair — on the other hand, keratin is also the stuff men are made of. So what are the rumors? We have with Danijel Lapcevic, hairstylist at Lapis Lazuli Hair Couture Speak in lines and ask exactly. Suffice it to say: it’s not safe for everyone.

How does the keratin treatment work?

“Before we think about a keratin straightening, we assess the situation: what does the hair look like, what type of treatment makes sense,” says Danijel. The treatment itself begins with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove styling residue. Then the hair is dried up to 80%.

“Then follows a keratin product, which is applied all over the hair at a distance of about one centimeter from the scalp.” After an exposure of 25 to 40 minutes – depending on the structure and thickness of the hair – the hair is dried with a soft dryer with a round brush and then straightened with a straightening iron at 180 degrees. “Keratin is only activated by heat,” says the hairstylist. 48 hours allowed The hair should not be washed afterwardsThe keratin is then firmly attached to the hair and can be styled as usual.

How smooth is possible?

Not all curl types can be completely straightened with natural keratin. The expert knows: “With a light movement it is easy to completely straighten the hair. We treat the curls with a more intense type of keratin.” Reduction begins with very curly hair: “The hair naturally becomes smoother and appears longer. But the movement remains in the hair. To bring it out, you will have to resort to Chemical smoothing—we’re turning that down.”

Hair can still be straightened at home after a natural keratin treatment. “Customers then need five or ten minutes instead of an hour — so that’s a relief.”

How safe is keratin?

“Basically, keratin is good for hair,” says Danijel. “It makes her look leaner and healthier—but you can’t use it on everyone.” The next justification: «when bleachedFor porous, very dry or chemically treated hair, a keratin treatment works great at first. However, after two or three weeks, the hair becomes drier, brittle and duller than before – that’s why we don’t do treatments in such cases.” The reason for this is the wide open dandruff of the hair caused by chemical treatments. If you also smuggle keratin into the hair It’s simply too much What my hair stylist recommends is a Botox treatment for hair.

How long does the treatment take?

“A keratin treatment lasts about four months for strong curls, and between five and six months for lighter flyaways,” says Danijel.

how much does it cost?

Keratin treatment is available from Lapis Beauty starting at 320 francs, for long hair 550 francs.

What is the treatment you wish for your hair?

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