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Kempower supplies DC chargers to Australia, Romania and Sweden

Kempower supplies DC chargers to Australia, Romania and Sweden

Finnish charging hardware manufacturer Kempauer has received several new orders. These include fast charging stations for both electric cars and e-trucks. Some charging stations are also going down.

In Australia, JetCharge has ordered 42 fast chargers from Kempower. They are to be installed along a 5,300 km stretch of EV highway in Western Australia, and each will provide 150 kW of power at two charging points. According to Kempower announcement, four charging points can be upgraded up to 200 kW. This is the C-Station model – not the well-known S-Station with particularly slim charging stations. JetCharge chose Kempower C-Station for its EV-highway project due to its robust design, power management, high voltage and practical experience.

The EV Highway is one of the world’s longest single infrastructure projects for electric vehicles by distance. However, Finland’s charging stations are not the only ones being used: the project has a total of 98 charging stations in 49 locations, no more than 200 kilometers apart.

Meanwhile, in Romania, Kempower charging stations, each with an output of 200 kW, are being installed at 14 MOL Group filling stations on the A1 and A2 motorways. Ten filling stations are already equipped with Kempower fast chargers, with the remaining four soon to follow.

“Given the success of our partnership with TSG and MOL Group and the speed with which the first two stations opened, we are confident that the rest of the project will be completed quickly,” said Tomi Ristimaki, CEO of Kempower. “Once all 14 stations are operational, Romania will be one step closer to creating fully decarbonized highways.”

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In Gothenburg, Sweden, Kempower also supplies 15 fast charging stations to the country’s largest and most powerful e-truck charging center. Göteborgs Lastbilcentral (GLC) has already started construction of the center, which will open at the end of 2022.

“The new GLC charging hub is another example of how the electrification of trucking and logistics operations can be achieved through Nordic cooperation,” Ristimäki says of the project. “Our comprehensive, cloud-based charging management system, Kempower ChargEye, is designed to improve total cost of ownership for operators. A key factor for the GLC is the dynamic charging of vehicles, which caters to night and day time charging needs. (Australia), (Romania), (Sweden)