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Kayak two-man Max Hoff / Jacob Schoff wins Olympic silver – Australia wins gold

Max Hoff and Jacob Schoff were not enough to get the gold they wanted, but for them as well Olympia-Two world champions in kayaking were delighted with the silver. Shortly after crossing the finish line, they hugged and sailed aboard the Australian winners Jean van der Westusson and Thomas Green. Two athletes from Essen and Potsdam missed 0.304 seconds over 1000 meters in a sea forest waterway after a real canoe thriller on Thursday. Third place went to Czech Joseph Dostel and Radek Sloof.


“It’s important, the boat is one of our medal banks. But it is obvious that Oceania countries like Australia and New Zealand had the best product,” said Canoe Sports Director Jens Call. This is the second medal for the association.

The 16-year-old difference is not a problem again. The two-generation boat, along with 38-year-old Max Hoff and 22-year-old Jacob Schaff, blended wonderfully. Hoff, an eight-time canoe world champion, as a batsman 1.98 meters ahead, the twelve-centimeter small forecast almost blocks Hellsman’s vision, declaring the “tight, open thing” and insisting: “We know what we dream of, but we can do a little more than that.” In the match they controlled the field and went safely to the final. And they may rely on their ultimate motivation.

After losing the medal, Schoff was the fourth aggressor in solitude and promised that “there are still enough grains for both”. Especially since the 2019 World Championship doubles advanced straight to the semifinals. “Actually, you have to eat 5000 kcal here for every 1000 meters. It’s a huge energy process,” Schaff said.

He handled personal failure (“I screwed up”) well. “I phoned my parents and friends and got good support,” he said. “I realized then that there is more to winning than a medal.”

Schoff is considered the new generation driver on the German team. Statements such as “Perfectionism speaks to each of us” testify to a professional approach. He lamented that his family could not have been happier on the spot: “My family and two of my best friends, including my old coach, would have come. When the audience heard that no one was allowed to come, it was a bad blow to them and for me.”