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Kathy Hummels continues the Pluttle attack

Kathy Hummels continues the Pluttle attack

The rumor mill about Kathy and Mats Hummels is boiling wildly. The announcer is reporting on Instagram with a photo of flowers.

The basics in brief

  • Kathy Hummels is now topless on Instagram.
  • During her vacation in Croatia, he evaded rumors of separation from her and her mats.

Oh no no! After rumors of a divorce, a picture of Plottle surfaced: Kathy Hummels (33) drops the covers. Amazed on Instagram still wife Mats Hummels (32) Her fans with a topless photo.

On vacation in Croatia, the presenter leaves her soul hanging from breakup rumors. In the shade of a palm tree, she sways casually in a tight bikini bottom. The influencer elegantly covers her bare chest with her hands.

Mixed signals on the new Mats flame

Whether this image is an advertisement for professionalskicker Was it mats? after every thing , BVBThe star is already New Friend to have. According to media reports, the new chosen one is Lisa Straub (21 years old), who is eleven years younger than him.

Neither Mats nor the table tennis player has commented on the alleged relationship so far. employment Instagram Send a young Dortmund Mixed signals, however.

Do you understand that Kathy and Mats want to keep their love private?

She writes of her video clip about the story: “A loving heart is always young.” whether it’s yours love You mean the national football player? But in her latest post, the 21-year-old suggested a different tune: “Don’t believe everything you hear so fast, because lies spread faster than the truth.”

op Mats Hummels And Lisa Straub is already a married couple, maybe only the two know. However, one thing is clear: Kathy Hummels makes a statement with her revealing photo!

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