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Kate is more popular than him in America!

Megan Markle and Prince Harry have been living in the United States for more than a year. However, their popularity in their new home is at a low ebb.

Briefly essentials

  • Is the paint off? Prince Harry and Megan are not popular in America.
  • This is due to the various controversial opinions of the couple.

They were once considered the glamorous couple of the royal family: Prince Harry (37) and Megan Markley (40). But since they left Royal, Sussex’s reputation has plummeted immeasurably in their old homeland. In the United States, too, the two are not as highly respected now as they were in the past.

Studies by “YouGov” show that only 57 percent of all Americans have a positive picture of Megan – 62 percent with Harry. According to interviews, they are Kate and Prince William (Both 39) preceded. Their popularity ratio rose to 63 and 66 percent in the United States.

Harry’s “rejected” statements

Reason for declining popularity: Harry’s call to simply quit if work does not make you happy hurts many. In the American media, Prince’s statements were labeled “twisted”, “far from the truth” and “detached” as Pandey declared.

Grandson of Queen Elizabeth (95) He described the current mass layoffs as “a cause for celebration”. The 37-year-old says many are stuck in jobs they do not like. “Now they put mental health first.”

Only: Different Prince Harry The American commoner does not have millions in his account. The 37-year-old was ridiculed as a “joke” on social media.

Which pair do you like the most?

Megan Markle causes dissatisfaction in a political campaign

Meghan Markle’s most recent phone campaign was a thorn in the side of many Americans Eye. The Duchess has pledged paid parental leave in the United States and received criticism for it.

The fact that she needs a British degree to interfere in American politics also alienates Democrats.

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