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Katarina Mikhaljevic in the quarter-finals

Katarina Mikhaljevic in the quarter-finals

  • After blind auditions and fights, “The Voice of Germany” was followed by lyrical songs.
  • At Sing Offs, talents who have made it this far struggle for a hot seat. There are three hot seats for each team.
  • This year you can vote to decide who should apply. Coaches are last.
  • Everything is important too “Voice of Germany” Staffel 11 sum up.

im clip: Katarina Mihaljevich sings “All I Ask”

Adele throws Katrina on a hot seat

With Adele’s “All I Ask”, Katrina chooses a sentimental and heart-wrenching song with it. “I was getting goosebumps all over,” Nico Santos admits after her performance.

Coach Sarah Connor doesn’t believe it either. It is always a reminder that a young woman can sing like an old soul. I wish you the final […] You have my heart. “Sarah can make this wish come true. Katrina will be elected by the public to the quarter-finals.

Quarter-finals: The inside has been decided

For the crowd: It’s clear inside: Archip Mbongo Umpang and Katarina Mikhaljevic should make it to the quarter-finals. Both talents occupied the hot seats almost from the start. Sarah’s voice went to Joel Zupan at the end.

You can see how things go on at Katarina on Sunday, December 5 at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1.

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