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Kassel: Demolition of the Old Court: Major Changes in Brüder-Grimm-Platz

Kassel: Demolition of the Old Court: Major Changes in Brüder-Grimm-Platz

The historic gatekeeper has been renovated, and the old VGH is giving way: a wallpaper museum is being built here.

© Pia Malmus

Something is happening at the Brüder-Grimm-Platz in Kassel. The former building of the Administrative Court of Hesse (VGH) will be demolished from March.

Kassel – The former building of the Administrative Court of Hesse (VGH) on Brüder-Grimm-Platz in Kassel will be demolished from March. It gives way to the Wallpaper Museum, whose cost has tripled since the original plans.

According to the state, demolition work in the immediate vicinity of the Gate Guard should continue until June. With it will be completed in time for the document. The groundwork for the new Wallpaper Museum is scheduled to begin in the summer at the same location. In the meantime, the calculated construction costs rose from 25 to 29 million euros.

Kassel: Bruder-Grimm-Platz before major changes

The Brüder-Grimm-Platz is facing major changes. Not only is the box’s controversial redesign in 2023 – after more votes – but also the new building of the German Wallpaper Museum will ensure a change of image. But first there will be a big gap for some time. Because the VGH building constructed in 1952 and the flat warehouse behind it would have been gone by summer. The state already has a demolition permit. VGH has already been moved to the new justice center on Goethestrasse in 2018.

According to information from city planning official Christoph Nolda, the main construction site was coordinated with the document to prevent the gatekeepers from participating.

The basis for the new building is still the plans of the Swiss office of Harry Jueger: Rhön Architects are now implementing the winning design.

© Architekturbüro Sturm und Wartzeck GmbH, Dipperz.

The former court in Kassel will be demolished: the museum is scheduled to open in the fall of 2025

After demolition, work on the new home of the Wallpaper Museum will follow. According to a spokeswoman for the State Bureau of Construction and Real Estate in Hesse (LBIH), large-scale foundation work will be carried out first. After the schedule has been delayed several times – most recently because the country broke with Swiss architect Harry Juger – the museum is now set to open in the fall of 2025.

Although the winner of the architectural competition is no longer a participant, his winning design will be implemented. The new scheme is an office from Rhön. In addition to the new museum building, the North Gate Keeper will also be renovated. The LBIH spokeswoman continued: “The implementation plan is currently being developed, the first tenders have already been issued, and more versions are due soon.”

The German Wallpaper Museum, founded in Kassel in 1923, was housed in the Hesian State Museum until 2008. When this was renovated, the unique collection of 23,000 wallpapers had to be archived.

Looking back: there were plans to build the new building of the museum in Kassel 13 years ago

When the doors of the German Wallpaper Museum closed in November 2008, no one thought that the museum’s one-of-a-kind collection would remain homeless for so long. This was followed by a year-long dispute over the correct location and an almost eternal planning process. Due to the increase in construction prices in the meantime, the calculated costs have almost tripled from €11.5 million (2010) to €29 million currently. look back.

  • 2008: With the renovation of the Hesian State Museum going on for more than seven years, the Wallpaper Museum, previously under the same roof, no longer has a home. It was clear from the start that after the State Museum was redesigned, it would have no place there either. Both houses belong to the Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK). So the state and city went in search of a new location. They both checked if the Grimm World and Tapestry Museum could be created together on the Vineyard.
  • 2009: The first development plans for the Weinberg Museum park were drawn up. It remains unclear whether Grimm World and the Wallpaper Museum should be located in two separate buildings or in one building.
  • 2010: The state offers detailed plans for a grape wallpaper museum. It will cost 11.5 million euros. At the end of 2010, an expert opinion stated that there should be two separate buildings. The Wallpaper Museum will be built next to Elizabeth Hospital and will open in 2013.
  • 2012: The then Minister of Science and the Arts, Eva Kohn Hormann (now Minister of Justice), is distancing herself from plans to create a wallpaper museum on the vineyard. She wants to vacate the VGH site in Brüder-Grimm-Platz for the sake of the museum.
  • 2013: The city and state continue to discuss the correct location.
  • 2014: The new Minister of Science and the Arts, Boris Ryan, considers generosity to be conceivable again.
  • 2016: The decision was made for the location of VGH. It is said that the fact that the construction site on the vineyard was too small for the warehouse space required played a role.

This is where the museum is being built: the old administrative court will be demolished in March.


  • 2017: Planning begins. An architectural competition is now underway for the museum, which in the future will be called the “German Wallpaper Museum – Museum of Interior Art”. At the end of the year, the winner will be presented, Swiss architect Harry Juger. He had won 26 other positions.
  • 2018: The taxpayer’s association criticized the increase in construction costs from 11.5 million euros to 24 million euros initially. The state postpones the start of construction to “2021 at the earliest.”
  • 2019: It was revealed that the country had seceded from architect Harry Joger. Both sides are silent about the reasons. The country still wants to stick to its concept and is now looking for a new scheme to implement the designs.
  • 2021: The state announces that demolition of the VGH is imminent and that a new scheme is on board in the office of Sturm und Wartzeck from Dipperz (Rhön). The new building is scheduled for completion in May 2025. Then the collection is moved and prepared. Opening in fall 2025.

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