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Karl Lagerfeld lied about his age – here’s why

Fashion designer

This is why Karl Lagerfeld lied about his age

The fashion designer faked his age by five years because he was apparently ashamed of the year he was born.


Karl Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019.

Photo by Imago/Manuel Cedron

  • Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld lied about his age.

  • He often made himself look five years younger than he was, as if he had been born in 1938.

  • He was actually born in 1933 – but he was ashamed of the year he was born.

The age of Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld It was unclear for a long time. He forged the year of his birth and it appeared that he was not born in 1933 but in 1938.

This was not coquetry, as some have assumed.
William Middleton’s biography Heaven Now: The Extraordinary Life of Karl Lagerfeld will be published in February. In it, the true reason for lying is revealed.

“I felt shy”

Karl Lagerfeld did not want to be associated with the Third Reich. He was actually born in Germany in 1933. That was the year Adolf Hitler came to power.

In the resume becomes a fashion designer Quoting the following: “I was ashamed. I was ashamed because I was born in the same year that Hitler chose to start his anti-Semitic policy in Germany by killing Jews. And I didn’t want to do anything this year.”

A 3 becomes 8

According to the biographer, by falsifying his year of birth, Karl Lagerfeld indicated that he was too young to realize what was happening in the late 1930s.

Karl Lagerfeld would have simply turned the three into eight on his identity papers, wrote the author of Heaven Now. So he made himself five years younger than him and could not be linked to the year 1933.

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