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Kanye West tries to impress Kim Kardashian on Valentine's Day

Kanye West tries to impress Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s Day

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With this trick…er…the truck, Kanye West tried to get his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, back on Valentine’s Day.

02/15/2022, 11:37 AM02/15/2022, 14:37

Rapper Yi (formerly Kanye West) tried to win back ex Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s Day with a big nod — or rather, a big truck. The car was loaded with a huge bouquet of flowers and the lettering on the side of the truck read: “My vision is KRYSTAL KLEAR.”

Ye (Kayne West) shared this photo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

But stop! Don’t have a new girlfriend? Apparently not anymore. Rapper and actress Julia Fox are said to have split up again. First indication of a breakup: the two deleted their joint photos on social media. And another indication: a spokesperson for the 32-year-old announced the separation on Valentine’s Day.

Kim Yi, his estranged wife Kim and the four together children Miss, the musician repeatedly published Instagram. A few days ago he posted some family photos and wrote in large letters: “Oh my God, bring our family back together.”

Yi also made a love statement in the NFL Final: The rapper appeared in the same outfit as Kim Kardashian in Met Gala 2021 – Fully covered. During the match he took off his cap, apparently not noticing much of the game after all.

Photo: instagram

In between, Ye also kept deleting posts where he tried to get Kim back. His fans are now worried about the musician and are writing supportive comments for him.

If you lose track: Ye and Kim Kardashian West separated in 2021. Then the 41-year-old filed for divorce. Since then, the rapper has publicly indicated repeatedly that he still loves his ex-wife and wants to get him back.

Why is Kanye West now called Ye:

And what about Kim? Kim Kardashian ignores her love affair. The reality star has reportedly been in a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson since November 2021. She has not yet commented on Kanye West’s comments.


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