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Kanye West lives in small rooms

Kanye West lives in small rooms

Kanye West (44) is estimated to have a net worth of over 1 billion francs – but the rapper seems to like it quite simple at the moment. He shows his current residence on Instagram: a small room with little more than a bed, a wardrobe, and a TV – without any natural light.

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There is already enough space in his house: Kanye is currently trapped in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta (USA). He had a concert there a few days ago and then stayed to work on his album. He also created a studio room for this purpose. In addition, Kanye has a private chef who feeds him.

He was seen in a flashy outfit

Ex-Kim Kardashian (40) also appears to be using the entertainment program being offered in his new home. He was seen at a football match last weekend wearing a red jacket and a mask of tights over his head. A shiny outfit he didn’t wear for the first time.

Kanye made sarcastic comments about his simple room. “His room looks like a prison cell,” says one Twitter user. Another sarcastically said, “That’s exactly what it looked like to me when I went to prison.”

The West is famous for its luxurious standard of living. A look at his home at the time, when he was still in a relationship with Kim Kardashian, walked the globe. (Billion dollar)