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Kangerlussuaq: Air Greenland hub runs out of kerosene

Kangerlussuaq: Air Greenland hub runs out of kerosene

Greenland’s national airline has a problem: its hub in Kangerlussuaq has run out of fuel.

The area around Kangerlussuaq does not have a large gathering area. Only a few hundred people live here. However, the municipal airport, 50 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in southwest Greenland, is the international hub for Air Greenland.

Distributed to Kangerlussuaq The national airline for travelers with their Airbus A330 and soon with the A330 NeoFly from Copenhagen to the largest island on Earth. Air BP’s announcement of airport fuel scarcity hits them all even harder. Air Greenland told the newspaper that the situation was worrying Sermitsiaq.

Also rare in northern Canada

In the worst case, the airline said, the situation could result in the inability to operate all domestic flights from Kangerlussuaq. She told Sermitsiaq that the pilots were instructed to refuel as much as possible from the departure airport. But at the same time they must ensure that passengers and passengers are not unloaded.

There has also been a fuel shortage in Arctic Canada in the past few days. Northern Canada Airlines told Les Affaires that kerosene was no longer available at Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord in Nunavut. So it loads fewer goods and guests to destinations in order to consume less fuel.