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Kangaroos climb golf course in Australia: Animal rights activists celebrate

Kangaroos climb golf course in Australia: Animal rights activists celebrate

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Footage from Australia: A large group of kangaroos climb a fancy golf course. Players pause their competition: the sight of impressive animals is so cinematic.

There are over 60 different species of kangaroos. Size varies greatly: some representatives are two meters tall, others are as small as rabbits. It claims that giant kangaroos can jump over 13 meters and reach speeds of 60 km/h. Galileo– Contribution. As a rule, animals are solitary animals, although some species form groups. Australian golfers had a real group upswing as they swung their clubs when suddenly countless kangaroos ran across the course.

The kangaroo pack entered the golf course

BBC News Reporting the incident, he posted video footage of an eyewitness saying, “Stephen Roche's golf game interrupted by jumping kangaroos at Heritage Golf & Country Club near Melbourne.” “You'd better not stand on my golf ball,” said Roach as he watched several kangaroos squeal.

Kangaroos love high temperatures and need a lot of freedom to feel comfortable. Contact with other kangaroos is also important: “They are not very social, but they are group animals,” says Dirk Wevers, biologist and curator at Münster All-Weather Zoo. Deutschlandfunk Nova Quoted.

Kangaroos often travel in groups in their Australian homeland. © Imago

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“Kangaroos are taking back their land”: Instagram users rejoice

In the comments below BBC NewsMany Instagram users comment on the caption in the posts. Many are speaking out against the development of golf courses – and watch the video as a sign that kangaroos are reclaiming their land. A few others are having fun:

  • “It was a kangaroo habitat for centuries before it became a golf course, so a better title is 'Humans Invade Kangaroo Land'.”
  • “Australia has 48 million kangaroos and Uruguay has 3,457,380. So if the kangaroos decided to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan would have to fight 14 kangaroos. 🦘”
  • “Kangaroos are taking back their land. Nice to see! Kangaroos > Golfers”
  • “Golf courses are terrible for the environment. I hope the kangaroos really destroy them.
  • “Can someone put Jurassic Park music on this video?”
  • “Nature has finally found a way to make golf fun. 🦘😏😋”