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Kamala Harris was scheduled to step down as Vice President

US Vice President Analysis

Kamala Harris should resign if she loses the midterm elections

The 58-year-old is disappointed so far across the board. Even in the midterm campaign, it does not live up to expectations. Her resignation could inject new energy into the ailing Democratic Party.


US Vice President Kamala Harris, 58, is not very popular with Americans.

There is a joke in the United States about two sisters: one went to the high seas and the other a vice president. He didn’t hear anything from them again after that. And it’s true: Vice-Presidents usually keep the thankless presence out of the limelight. John Nance Garner, former vice president under Franklin D. Roosevelt, once said that an office was worth nothing more than a “bucket full of warm pee.” However: one would have expected more from the first woman in the second highest position in the United States.

Kamala Harris (58) has been disappointed so far across the board. More than half of Americans think the former California senator doesn’t have her job under control. Even on the Democratic side, one openly wonders if a woman with a big smile and Afro-Indian roots might have been a mistake from the start.