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Kadich won the Australian Open.

Kadich won the Australian Open.

Filip Katich is confident of winning the Australian Open and writing a new race to Dubai before Christmas DB World Tour at. Mark Hammer failed to make it to the weekend in Sydney.

Philip Katich The Australian GC was well under control early in Sydney and looked very promising in the rankings after a 68 (-3). Mark Hammer On the other hand, he had to fight very hard at his own workplace and started the second round only behind the expected cut mark. Both Germans will be at The Lakes GC on Friday.

11th photos already in bar 5 Philip Katich He got his first birdie on Friday and quickly added another on 13, giving the drawn line a nice breather after playing a few holes. Only a 5th bogey on the 14th slows the youngster down, and after another mistake on the 3rd he slips a little uncomfortably down the leaderboard.

However, the 22-year-old steadied his game at the right time, pushing his score into negative territory with a third birdie on the 6th before confidently rocking the soft pink finish into distance. Not only does he have no problem with 70 (-1), but he starts the weekend in a very promising position in 27th place, which means that the first points in the new Race to Dubai are already on the safe side. .

The hammer failed to cut again

Mark HammerAfter a solid start, it gets destroyed Mark Hammer A birdie on No. 3 is immediately eliminated, but he immediately faces that birdie and comes up with a par 1 on the back nine, which brings him a little closer to the drawn line. With a double-bogey and subsequent bogey at the start of the second ninth, he clearly missed the crucial promotion mark for the weekend.

Although he regained his strength and found three birdies in addition to another bogey, he was unable to go over 72 (par), meaning the cut was clearly out of reach for the 25-year-old former Euram Bank Open champion. .

Min Woo Lee (AUS) is still a force in his homeland and starts the weekend with a total of 12 under par, three shots ahead of his first pursuers.

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