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Jungle Camp 2023: Confusion About Martin Semmelweis! Didn’t he go to Australia?

Is Martin Semmelroge at Jungle Camp 2023 or not? The actor was actually confirmed as an IBES nominee this year – but he’s yet to come to Australia. where is he

Even before the start of the 2023 jungle camp, one candidate caused quite a stir:Martin Semmelroge! In fact, the actor should have been in Australia long before like his compatriots and ready for the start of IBES on January 13, 2023. But he didn’t come down yet. Is he skipping the show?

Jungle Camp 2023: Candidate Martin Semmelroge is not yet in Australia

In fact, Martin Semmelroge was due to fly from Frankfurt to Australia with Claudia Effenberg and Co earlier in the week – but he missed every speed bump at the airport. “RDL” only explained his absence: “There are production-related reasons for the late arrival of Martin Semmelrock.”

Not in Australia – Where is Martin Semmelroe?

Semmelweis’s current whereabouts are confusing, to say the least. Former Jungle Camper Julian FM Stoeckel said on Instagram on Thursday that the 67-year-old was on a flight to Australia and wanted to prove it with a photo of bread rye from a flight.

Will Martin Semmelroe attend Jungle Camp 2023?

“Image” now wants to deny it. The newspaper says it learned that the candidate for the jungle camp was not going to Down Under, but rather to Frankfurt from Mallorca. On Friday he went to Doha, Qatar. “Bild” attributes this to visa issues due to the actor’s multiple criminal records and prison sentence. However, it is very difficult to enter Australia with a criminal record. The fact that he is now on his way to Doha means that if he is denied entry he can quickly get from Germany to Qatar to Australia. Reality TV star Melody Haas will be there as a replacement candidate, according to “Build,” if Semmelroch doesn’t make it to Australia by the time Jungle Camp begins.

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