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Jungle Camp 2022: Anushka Rinzi Cheating Scandal - TV - Jungle Camp

Jungle Camp 2022: Anushka Rinzi Cheating Scandal – TV – Jungle Camp

This deception had effects…

Because Bush celebrities are already 85 (!) violations were made, followed by the sixth day in jungle camp bitter punishment. Everyone had to give up one of their luxury items. Anushka Rinzis (57) A cheeky cheating attempt that backfired!

No one in the camp seemed to take the regulations seriously. Although the rules prohibit this, some candidates have gone out alone multiple times, exchanged their luxury items with each other, slept during the day and didn’t wear a microphone. That had consequences.

Everyone had to say goodbye to one of their souvenirs. Only one can be kept. It was not easy for anyone. star designer Harald Glockler (56) abandoned his beloved pillow with a heavy heart. as an actress Tina Rowland I asked her (55) colleague Anushka Renzi what she broke up with, to which she meant: “From my earplugs.” Tina asks: “Everyone?” Anushka gestures.

Tina Rowland (left, next to Tara Tabitha) asks Anushka if she’s already handed over all her earplugs. Immediately, Renzi unleashed a barrage of abuse at RolandPhoto: RTL

But as it turns out, that was only half the truth. When team boss Peter Althoff, 66, showed the group the jungle camp, it was noted that Renzi had only given four earplugs. Two are missing! She confronted the delinquent Lutf and told her, “We still need two tampons, or else we won’t get our food.”

Instead of apologizing, she got angry and yelled, “That’s a bad bad show!” Reluctantly, I gave up the remaining earbuds. But that’s when the drama really started. Renzi thought Roland was a camp snitch. “Tina Tina, did you obey! You don’t just come and ask me if I’ve handed everything over.”

Roland stood there, no longer understanding the world and further insulted and disgraced by Anushka: “I thought you had feelings for you, but you don’t.” On the way to the Forest Telephone, Renzi was so poisoned below the belt that the expressions had to be alerted by RTL.

Tina, although completely innocent, defended herself in front of others. “All I saw was that she was lying there crying. She went there as a nice person with sympathy.” The entire camp was shocked. But Anushka did not finish her engagement.

The camp residents committed 85 violations of the system in the past days.  Here, for example, Tina Ruland isn't wearing a microphone when she's talking to team boss Peter Althof

The camp residents committed 85 violations of the system in the past days. Here, for example, Tina Ruland isn’t wearing a microphone when she’s talking to team boss Peter AlthofPhoto: RTL

Back on the bed, the jungle python forgot any good nursery and shouted, “What kind of shit are these humans! I don’t want to do anything with these people.” The others let her get angry. Ösi-Import Tara Tabitha (28) commented on the whim, shaking his head: “She considers herself more important than us here.”

In the end, Renzi was left with only one ally. Linda fits (27) She admitted shyly that she hid earplugs in the shoes. The controversial “Bachelor” girl advised her to apologize to Tina. But the attempt at reconciliation failed because Roland did not want to hear the explanations of her new intimate enemy and responded with a lecture.

She accused me of denouncing in front of the community team! You didn’t think or consider it nonsense.” But the actress had to wait a long time to make an apology in front of everyone. Renzi didn’t want to show that nudity and just disappeared into the woods toilet.

But this is definitely not the end of the decline…

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