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Junge is building a high-tech slurry hauler for his Kettcar

Junge is building a high-tech slurry hauler for his Kettcar

Here we show a great idea for kids from the farm, how they can easily build their own slurry tank from barren liquid manure tank for pedal tractor or go-kart using modern backshoe technology.

Wed, May 31, 2023 2:35 PM

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Roth driving is important. “After the first cut, plants urgently need nutrients to grow,” says Marek Kopf. This is why the ten-year-old from Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony specially put modern technology to his mud hauler. All I needed were three old nipple liners, a discarded pressure equalization tank from an old milking parlor and a great idea.

Baffle plate or trailing shoe?

“Before, I had an old slurry conveyor with normal technology. Explains the fourth grader, who, by the way, would rather drive a go-kart than a trampoline tractor. But his invention also works in liquid fertilizer tanks for pedal tractors. But nice one by one. other.

Like I said, a single narrow line of liquid fertilizer wasn’t enough for him. Marek wanted to spread the manure more widely to provide more plants with nutrients from natural fertilizers. And so I thought.

Nipple liners are perfect

“First, I wanted to build a dish baffle. But nutrients are also lost. Then I came up with the idea of ​​lace-up rubber nipple backshoes.” As a great model, he took the modern machinery on his parents’ dairy farm and used milking attachments that were already discarded. But why bushings at all? – “It flows nicely and can take a lot, it’s strong and flexible. Excellent. I help build a lot there,” the little repairman explains the advantages of the accessories.

Scrap is not the same as scrap

But before construction began, Marek made a sketch on paper. Then he bought the ingredients or, to put it better, picked them up in the yard and from his “junk corner.” “Yeah, not all scrap is the same,” Marek says, “the best thing is most parts are available on the farm anyway. You don’t have to buy anything there. This is real recycling, what I’m doing here.”

These are the ingredients Marek collected:

  • An old flow tank from an old milking parlour
  • Old wagon frame
  • Iron chain from the scrap heap
  • scrap bars
  • Guide rail/hollow tube
  • Three old liners
  • Ribbons – eg straw ribbons
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wire tie tape
  • Bottle of water

Screw, drill, glue

The ingredients went to my father’s workshop. And then it was stretched, drilled and glued.

Marek ingredients and steps with pictures:

Beni Marek for two days. Then came the big moment: Marek hooked his prototype “Rubber Bushing Boot Rear Link Mudguard” onto his go-kart and drove it for the first time. “It worked right away,” says the ten-year-old. However, he was missing something.

Compost holder water bottle

“I didn’t really like it that much.” The level indicator was missing. For this, Marek took a bottle of water and tied it to the barrel. This way he can see how full the barrel is when it is being filled – just as if the barrel were empty.

30 liters of liquid manure fit into the barrel – of course, from our cows and diluted with water. For this purpose, Marek has his own liquid fertilizer lake, which he fills a barrel with a funnel and a bucket.

“as it should be”

He puts liquid fertilizer on the lawn. With the mudguard full, he has to pedal hard to move forward. He stops on the grass, undoes the rope, lowers the rear shoelace and off. Mud runs out of the tank evenly, leaving three tracks on the grass. Then the barrel is empty. Marek gets off the kart and checks his work. He says he is satisfied with the result. “The liquid fertilizer lies nicely in three narrow strips on the lawn. Just as it should in real life.”