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June 19 - "June" - a holiday celebrating slavery in the United States - News

June 19 – “June” – a holiday celebrating slavery in the United States – News

  • In the United States, “Juneteenth”, which marks the end of slavery, will be celebrated in the future as a national holiday.
  • President Joe Biden signed a bill to that effect after it was passed by both houses of Congress in the White House.
  • So on June 19 the end of slavery will be celebrated in the United States.

“Juneteenth” is made up of the English words for “June” and “nineteenth” – “June” and “nineteenth”. On June 19, 1865, the Texas Emancipation Proclamation was published. Juneteenth has always been a public holiday in the southern state and a few other states.

“National holidays are an important thing. There are days when we, as a country, decide to stop and measure,” US Vice President Kamala Harris said at a ceremony at the White House. “We have to learn from our history. We have to teach our children our story.”

Joe Biden: Slavery is America’s Original Sin

Biden explained that the day is about remembering a “moral blot” of “America’s original sin.” “When we remember these moments, we begin to heal and become stronger.”

“This day reminds us of a history deeply tainted by brutality and injustice, and reminds us of our responsibility to build a future of progress for all,” said House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

The Republican gave up the resistance

A Republican senator initially failed to pass the bill last year. As a reason, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin expressed concerns about follow-up costs at the time. But he gave up his resistance this week.


He Fought on National Day: Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.


Since the Democrats managed to secure the presidency and a slim majority in the Senate during the 2020 election, the balance of power has changed since then. Nationwide protests and controversy over racism sparked by the violent deaths of many blacks in police operations gave an extra boost to the project.