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Juice Technology: E-navigation is easier than ever

Juice Technology: E-navigation is easier than ever

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The trend on the streets is clearly in the direction of e-mobility. Last year, newly registered passenger cars with alternative driving forms (hybrid, electric, gas or hydrogen) hit a record 20 percent. No wonder – e-navigation just got easier and easier.

Through “j + pilot”, Zurich-based company Juice Technology has developed an app that brings together all the key elements in the world of electronic car pilots. It collects all relevant vehicle, driving and freight data in one place. If you wish, you can see the driven speed, power consumption and recovery with the help of the application in every meter of the trip.

One app for all needs

With the j+ beta, Juice Technology AG launches a multifunctional web and mobile application that uniquely brings together all the key elements in the world of the electronic car pilot. Clearly designed and easy to use, graphically at the highest level, it whets the appetite for electric mobility even for newcomers. The application can be used on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and is also available in the web version. Comprehensive vehicle, trip and freight analytics are available to users, regardless of the end device.

An incentive for economic leadershipقيادة

Those who drive efficiently drive environmentally. With the app, each trip is automatically logged, so you can see how much energy the car has used and get it back during the trip. This also creates an incentive for an economical driving style. However, to determine the effective consumption, not only the energy consumed is taken into account, but also the so-called vampire depletion. So the exchange during idle times. Even battery deterioration is defined by “j + pilot” and displayed graphically.

E-car drivers can also satisfy their eco-conscious conscience if they get their electricity from a sustainable source. One of the options available thanks to the app is to use our own solar energy and preferably charge the car.

digital record

Entering the mileage and all relevant data in the log after each trip is also a thing of the past. The built-in logbook is a valuable tool in the context of commercial vehicle use. The purpose of the trip can easily be set for each route taken. “The electronic log is a feature that makes life easier for thousands,” says Christoph Ernie, CEO of Juice Technology AG. “This means that there is no need for tedious re-recording of the distance traveled. The actual record in the glove compartment or any separate payment application will also become obsolete.”

mobile charging stations

Zurich-based management consultant Christoph Erne (56) founded the startup in 2014. Today, Juice Technology, with its own R&D center in the canton of Zurich, already has 170 employees spread in various locations around the world. Juice Technology manufactures shipping solutions and software. The tech company’s most well-known product is the Juice Booster 2 portable 22 kW charging station.

The main advantages of this charging station: With the adapters used, the electric vehicle can be charged in any conventional household and industrial socket around the world. The charger is also always set to the optimum charging capacity; The transformer detects the maximum available current. This means: socket overload, as it can threaten without a transformer, is impossible.

Last September, Juice Technology introduced the prototype of its upcoming Air Juice Booster 3 on Juice’s first global shipping day. In addition to more compact and powerful hardware, the device is distinguished above all by a new software solution. You can find more information about the company and its products Here.

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