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Jubilee.  Queen cancels Thanksgiving service due to complaints

Jubilee. Queen cancels Thanksgiving service due to complaints

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (right) has canceled her visit to attend Thanksgiving.

Richard Pohl/AFP/Keystone

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the 70th jubilee ceremony. Buckingham Palace said the 96-year-old was feeling uneasy.

Queen Elizabeth II will not attend a Thanksgiving service in her honor on Friday. Buckingham Palace said on Thursday evening that the 96-year-old queen had felt “some discomfort” during the festivities and would miss the ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral “with great hesitation”.

However, the ceremony scheduled for Thursday night in Windsor, in which the Queen must light a beacon, will continue, according to the statement.

The Queen also did not participate in the “Forces of Color” parade on Thursday. However, she appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the event.

I leaned on a stick and followed the helicopters and planes in the sky with interest. The palace said that the Queen had a lot of fun with the show and makeup, but she felt a little uncomfortable.

The Queen has struggled with mobility issues for months and has repeatedly canceled major events.

An enchanting procession and cheers for the Queen’s 70th Jubilee

The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II began with a spectacular parade in bright sunlight. When the 96-year-old Queen took to the balcony during the Trooping the Color performance