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JP Morgan earthquake, Switzerland

JP Morgan earthquake, Switzerland

Nick Bossart worked for 9 years and 10 months at JPMorgan No. 1 in the world as President of Switzerland and Head of Investment Banking there.

Almost a big anniversary. Then came the end. Yesterday is over, how? Finews first mentioned. According to an inside source, the background is a power struggle.

Bossart, who put JPMorgan in third place behind both UBS and CS in major deals and finances in Switzerland, did not leave the field voluntarily.

“He was stabbed in the back a year ago,” the source said. The decisive person is Bossart’s successor.

He is a Dutchman named Raynot Butcher. Until last summer, he was working at UBS as “Head of Global Banking in Switzerland” with the grade of General Manager.

After more than two decades at the leading Swiss bank, Boucher took over as Vice Chairman of the Investment Bank EMEA in August 2021.

Like the beautiful Wädi (R. Boettcher, LinkedIn)

Vice President, that’s what they call breakfast managers. In Boucher’s case, it was about letting the Dutchman get warm.

Head of EMEA Region Known Woman: Dorothy Blessing. Unlike her husband Martin, who has never attended UBS but has certainly met quite a few people, the senior woman is a successful banker.

Now it seems that the Germans wanted a change in the upper part of their Switzerland. For this purpose, she apparently installed her “Ha” Butcher pair.

And I let my ex, Nick Bossart, get tired. Exactly how open it is. What is quite clear since yesterday. Bussar exits, Butcher exits, and Blessing laughs. Triple B, JP style.