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Journal Frankfurt News – The city is planning a central place for private food distribution

Journal Frankfurt News – The city is planning a central place for private food distribution

The city wants to centralize the station area’s own food outlets. Among other things, this should enable people to better integrate into existing offers of assistance.

In the station area there are a number of private service providers to distribute food items to those in need, but they perform in many different places. The city of Frankfurt wants to change exactly that: in the future, food distribution must be combined in one central place. The city announced this on May 31.

Head of Social Affairs Elke Voetel, Head of Health Stefan Mager (both Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) and Head of Organization Department Annette Rehn (FDP) stated that the previous measure had many negative consequences for the region. In the case of specially organized food distribution, people will use the existing support facilities less and will remain on the street.

As a result, donated food is eaten on the street and garbage is often carelessly thrown away. Food that does not appeal is thrown into the trash or, unfortunately, is often thrown directly into the street. “This is one of the many findings of our coordination office, which was created three months ago,” says Voettel.

The Coordination Office is still looking for a possible place

The Coordination Office of the Social Section was set up to analyze the situation in the Mahatah area and seek solutions to “complex problems” through close contact with local actors. The Coordination Office is currently looking for a suitable site for the centralized distribution of meals by private service providers. In response to a question, a spokesperson for the Department of Social Services said a result could be expected in the next few days.

A map is also planned showing all existing facilities and providing information on where and when food and drinks are available. For further communication in the station area, the Coordination Office organized a meeting for all city employees and participating offices in the district. More projects are in the pipeline, such as the first meeting of residents in the temporary shop at Kaiserstrasse 67 on June 7 at 5:30 p.m. A new newsletter that better connects offers and facilities for children, youth and families.