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Joss Stone: Backing vocalists mix street concert


Joss Stone backing singers rock the street concert

Two Bernese musicians received notable support at Kornhausplatz: three voices accompanying soul singer Joss Stone spontaneously participated in their concert.


Two Bernese musicians were backed up for their street concert by three accompaniments from soul singer Joss Stone.


  • A Bernese duo gave a concert on Kornhausplatz on Saturday when they were joined by three backing vocals.

  • It turned out that three American voices accompanied soul singer Joss Stone, who performed on “Bierhübeli” that same night.

“It was amazing,” Dominique Lichti exclaims excitedly. A video showing the goosebumps moment is trending on social media.

For 15 years, Lichtty and his friend Dan Maude have been out on the streets making music, especially during the winter months. “We don’t like sitting in the office and planning, we’re just outside and playing,” says Liechti, founder and owner of the event agency Bearbeat GmbH in Thun. During the pandemic, Liechti and Mud have each played more than 250 terrace concerts: “Playing in the streets in the cold is hard work. But we just love it.”

This past Saturday, Liechti and Dan Mudd performed live at Cornhausplatz With guitar and cajun songs for the Bern audience. “At first it was a concert like any other,” says the music entrepreneur. However, half an hour later, a “crazy moment,” as Liechti calls it, occurs: halfway through “Tennessee Whiskey,” three women join the duet and begin to accompany a guitar melody with backing vocals. “We couldn’t believe how compatible he was.” The women perform the song with Swiss musicians, and the audience gets excited about the melody and the moment.

in the right place at the right time

In the video, you can watch Leste interrupting the cajun and watching the women: “At first I thought: This will be our new prop for the summer.” When he talks to young women after an emotional performance, he learns that with Soul singer Joss Stone Performing at the Bierhübeli the same evening. They are Angel Silvera, Holly Hamill and Emoni Wilkins, three singers from the United States. They are touring with Ash Soan, a British drummer and winner of three Grammy Awards. “They asked us if we wanted to come with them,” Lichti says. The duo then spent the evening on the VIP balcony for the sold-out concert: “It was an amazing moment.”

“It’s incredible that we had the whole meeting on video,” says the veteran musician. It has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook. “We were in the right place at the right time, as they say,” Lichte says. “We’ve been making street music for many years now – and luck has given us these five minutes.”

The comments below the video testify to the magic of the moment. One user writes: “Goosebumps alarm! But how would you not want to immediately sing along to a song like that and then play it! No way! So cool they invited you.” Another user wrote: “We make music for moments like this. It doesn’t matter who and how. The main thing is that it suits you.

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