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Johnson & Macron: Sharp voices in controversy over immigrants

Status: 11/26/2021 12:34 pm

Paris is increasingly outraged by the refugee dispute with London. Johnson’s request to deport immigrants to Great Britain via the English Channel to France is not a solution – and contact via Twitter is “suspicious”.

The political dispute between France and Great Britain comes after a recent refugee drama on the English Channel. After the refugee drama on the English Channel, French President Emmanuel Macron described British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s behavior as “suspicious”.

“I’m surprised by such methods. This is a personal letter to Macron, Johnson posted it on Twitter.”

It also talks about “new creative ideas” to prevent further drama. In particular, Johnson proposes a treaty that would “allow the deportation of all illegal immigrants through the English Channel”.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal told the BFMTV broadcast service that France had already rescued 7,800 migrants from distress at sea. “The recommendation to return to the country is not really a solution to this problem,” Attal stressed. “I wonder if Johnson did not regret leaving the EU because he expects the EU to take care of it whenever a problem arises,” a government spokesman said.

British Home Secretary killed

In response to Johnson’s proposal, French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann has already fired his British colleague who was scheduled to attend a ministerial meeting in Calais on Sunday. Now the meeting is to be held only with representatives of Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the EU Commission.

Johnson’s letter was “disappointed” by Dormann. “Publishing it made it worse,” he added. The British Secretary of Transportation Grant Shops appealed to the French to “reconsider”. “No nation can do this alone,” Shops said of the BBC’s relocation.

He said the consultations between Britain and France were “certainly in the best interests of the people who are being tragically deported to the United Kingdom”. The purpose of the meeting was to promote police, legal and humanitarian cooperation and to take more decisive action against the kidnappers.

Border Patrol, Aerial Surveillance and Transactions

Johnson had recommended joint border patrols, aerial surveillance and information sharing in his letter. “We are ready to begin such patrols early next week,” he wrote. France has in the past denied such concessions because it was considered an interference in national sovereignty.

At least 27 people, including seven women and three youths, were killed Wednesday when a refugee boat capsized in the English Channel. According to other refugees, they are primarily Iraqi Kurds, Iranians and Afghans. Two survivors were from Iraq and Somalia. The crew left Dunkirk in an inflated dinghy.

Johnson has long accused France of failing to take adequate action against the rapidly growing number of refugees heading to the UK in simple boats. As the UK withdrew from the EU, it became more difficult for British officials to bring new recruits back to the EU.