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John Kerry ist seit Januar Sondergesandter für Klima des US-Präsidenten Joe Biden.

John Kerry: Job optimist should save the corporate climate

John Kerry tends to fall into the trap of rhetoric. The most recent example of this was provided by the US politician this week. Kerry, who has been US President Joe Biden’s special envoy since January, said cutting greenhouse gases, which is essential on the path to net zero by 2050, will be possible with half of the new technologies that don’t even exist today. For the climate.

The criticism was not long in coming. He was promptly quoted, citing scholars everywhere challenging Kerry’s claim. His assumptions were “ridiculous” in a BBC article. Adverse reactions show how a coil is being handled that should benefit from his 77-year-old experience. Not only does the former Secretary of State have to reconcile US domestic policy interests – as cutting steak or car consumption is not a majority – with the interests of the planet. Kerry should also try to keep China in the climate talks, even though the two superpowers don’t dare cross the road. Here, too, he made it very clear: an agreement with China on the basis of confidence would be “stupid and a neglect of the duty of care,” he said before a committee of the US House of Representatives.

Big projects

The United States has an additional obligation, as the country has reversed its climate policy under former President Donald Trump. Biden’s plan to put large chunks of its $ 1 billion infrastructure package at the service of a more climate-friendly economy indicates that the United States wants to assume a leadership role again here.

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