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Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin return to Netflix with Tiger King 2

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin return to Netflix with Tiger King 2

Netflix has released a video teasing several of the most notable new true crimes. There’s also an exotic atmosphere in “Tiger King 2”.

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Joe Exotic – a name we probably won’t forget anytime soon. The name of a person that fascinates and shocks at the same time. With his wild animal park, he has violated not only fair animal husbandry, but also human rights – not to mention his hairstyle.

Now, Joe Exotic is back – behind bars, serving a 22-year prison sentence. With his arrest, his story continues. He wants to prove that he is innocent and that the whole thing is a big conspiracy against him.

“The Home of True Crime” teaser for four more series about the truth a crime in a. There is still no release date for any of the new productions – not even “Tiger King 2”.

In addition to the announcement of “Tiger King 2” Netflix The following true crime series and movies:

  • “bad vegan”
  • “Trust Nobody: The Hunt For The Crypto King”
  • “Tinder scammer”
  • “The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Trickster”

Teaser: “True Crime House”

“Tiger King 2” also appears to be about Carol Baskin (the archenemy of Joe Exotic). Her husband disappeared in 1997 and onlookers were fascinated by the case. The dress is believed to be related to her husband’s disappearance. In the Netflix ad video, a large poster appears looking for clues regarding his disappearance. writes electronic warfareIt’s not certain, however, that Baskin will be there in season two, or whether unused materials from season one will be used.


Poster: “Who Killed Don Lewis?”

Bild: youtube/netflix screenshot

Carol Baskin in

Carol Baskin in “The Tiger King.”

Photo: netflix

Extremely rare Indochina tiger in photo trap


Extremely rare Indochina tiger in photo trap

Quill: AP/Department of National Parks of Thailand, Wildlife and Plant Conservation/Freeland/Sakchai Lalit

Should monkeys be given basic rights in Basel?

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