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Joe Biden is visiting Great Britain and Belgium on his first foreign trip

To Joe Biden Presidency of the United States Since taking office in January Especially a desk job. The corona epidemic still forces Biden and many other heads of state to hold virtual conferences, with no face-to-face meetings. But now Biden is planning the first meetings in person.

According to the White House, the US President will be at the G7 summit England And Then– Great meeting Belgium To participate. Through this trip, Biden wanted to underline his goal of renewing Atlantic relations and cooperation with allies.

It said Biden would reaffirm its commitment to multilateralism at the Seven Leading Industrial Summits in Cornwall, England from 11 to 13 June. On the one hand, Biden is holding bilateral talks with G7 state and government leaders, including the British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson. At the summit, Biden is expected to meet with the president in person for the first time since taking office on January 20 Angela Merkel Meet.

Biden travels from Great Britain to Brussels on June 14 for a meeting of heads of state and government of 30 NATO countries. “President Biden will reaffirm US commitment to NATO, Atlantic security and joint security,” a statement said.

Attending another high-level meeting of the United States and the European Union

During his stay in Brussels, Biden will also attend the first meeting with the European Union. Among other things, it should be about the fight against epidemics, the revival of the world economy, the fight against climate change, the strengthening of democracy and other common foreign policy concerns.

In Python’s predecessors Donald Trump Relationships between United States And a great burden to many allies. Especially Germany Trump was attacked several times. Republicans also threatened the United States to leave NATO. Democrat Biden wants to put the relationship back on a strong footing.

EU Council President Charles Michael announced the EU-US summit with President Joe Biden on Friday. Michael’s spokesman said there should be a special EU summit on May 25. It should be about corona infection, climate protection and relationships Russia Walk.