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Joe Biden committed a huge slip in the meetings!

Joe Biden committed a huge slip in the meetings!

Joe Biden, Bramlin and Cassis meet in Geneva today. When he met Queen Elizabeth, he left the British with a bitter aftertaste.

The basics in brief

  • Joe Biden made many mistakes when he met Queen Elizabeth.
  • The President of the United States is now under heavy criticism in the media.

It’s time this afternoon: US President Joe Biden (78) is coming to Switzerland!

In Geneva, Biden will meet with members of the Federal Council on Wednesday Guy Barmlin (61) and Ignacio Cassis (60). Switzerland will also host the Russian-American summit between Biden and Vladimir Putin (68) on Wednesday.

Biden and his wife Jill Biden (70 years old) had previously visited G7- Gibeville at Great Britain And it caused red heads to appear there. Reason: When meeting Queen Elizabeth II (95), the president made several mistakes.

Joe Biden got it wrong

The 78-year-old met the royal chief at Windsor Castle for tea and sandwiches. The detail series began with a salute. The World’s Strongest Man was wearing Ray-Ban’s casual American sunglasses and didn’t take them off when he said hello.

Queen Elizabeth then reaches out to him, but Biden runs away a little. Bild columnist Alexander von Schoeneburg said: ‘No implicit bow, no nod of the head. Not even a tip from a generation.”

It seems as if they “meet by chance at a bus stop,” annoys the expert.

Do you find Biden’s mistake wrong?

I asked Queen Elizabeth about Putin

Faux pas No. 2 follows after the tea party. When asked by reporters about his meeting with the king, the president announced: “The Queen asked me about Putin and the Chinese president. Xi Jinping Outside.”

With this, Biden is clearly violating it Royal Protocol. Accordingly, it is unacceptable to talk about the content of conversations with the 95-year-old president. As president, Biden should know this.

Then he went better and said, “I don’t think she’d be offended, but she remembers me to my mom. »

“Anger!” Alexander von Schöneburg thought.

Even before meeting at Windsor Castle, the 78-year-old made a huge mistake. Mr. President “came to the G7 meeting in five minutes Prinz Charles (72) The Queen. According to “Mirror”, all guests must be there before the arrival of the King.

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