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Joanna Hallen trains with Nico Hescher and Janis Moser

Speed-Ass sweats as Swiss NHL cracks

stronger than ever

Joanna Hallen, 30, is working on her case with Nico Hescher, 23, Janis Moser, 22, and other hockey pros. It’s worth it, she’s a lot fitter than she’s been in a long time.


Before Nico Hescher (left) and Joanna Hallen start working for the Condé unit, they take care of the dog Apollo – it belongs to their trainer in Condé.

Matthias Germann (text) and Benjamin Soland (photos)

Sweat dripping, muscles burning, heart pumping. “It’s fun,” says Joanna Hallen, 30. Look back in August. The speed specialist is working hard training Kondi at Gerzensee BE to be physically ready for the upcoming winter. Good luck. Her Conde coach Alex Brooker, a former rugby player from London, is happy: “Joanna has had a great summer, she’s stronger than ever. Now she’s physically ready to do anything on the snow.”

That is exactly what the 30-year-old does with the team in the cool weather of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. “I haven’t been to South America in four years. It was great to once again have a bigger training block on the snow.” The native of Bern does not lack the stamina to survive the next intense time. Swiss NHL players Nico Hescher (23) and Janis Moser (22) managed to convince themselves of this. She and other winter-based hockey teams got from Brooker — as did Hählen.