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Jinshin Effect: Update 1.5 comes with new world leaders and housing feature

Genshin Impact gets the 1.5 update Rolling out a nearly flagship release that brings many changes to the game. Not only are the new world heads in play, but the housing function has also been integrated, which fans have been eagerly waiting for. In addition, the legend of Zhongli continues and a strong final boss awaits you. We will provide an overview of the contents of the update.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Update: Zhongli, Housing, New World Heads, and More

The fan favorite of Zhongli’s legendary ranking continues, and thus also into the second round. If you want to know more about the background story of the character who was able to banish an entire god, you should get your money’s worth here. Additionally, Mihoyo introduces a new 5-star character with Eula. It uses Cryo as an item and mighty sword for attack. Yanfi, on the other hand, is a rare 4-star Bayrou character and uses a trigger. While the latter is available directly with the new Zhongli banner, Eula only appears in a new banner a few weeks later.

New world bosses have to be fun, too. With Azhdaha, he plays the geo-skilled Lizard King, who promises weekly rewards. In addition, with the update of the new Genshin effect, a new freezing edema can be found in Drachengrat. You can also expect Abyss Lector, who is said to be one of Dimension Electro’s opponents.

Long awaited by many fans and now it has finally been incorporated: the housing feature. From version 1.5 you can build, decorate and design your own home in Genshin Impact. You will receive this after successfully completing the task and you can also enter it via the Teleport key. In addition, a new currency will be integrated into the game with which you can purchase furniture and decorations. Inviting friends to your home is not currently possible, but must be sent with a later update.

Genshin Impact gets a PS5 release

The new update to version 1.5 also brings other innovations. PS5 fans can look forward to a massively improved version! Download times are greatly shortened by the SSD, the resolution is increased to 4K and the frame rate is greatly improved. It is an original modified version that provides significantly more detail and clarity.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for a release of the Nintendo Switch, which is still under development, but has yet to be released. There was an announcement before the game was released in the fall of 2020. Modifications are likely already planned for the Nintendo Switch Pro release, which could be introduced this year. However, whether this was the cause of the delay is speculation.