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Jim Carrey is said to have replaced US President Biden

Jim Carrey is said to have replaced US President Biden

Long dead, Joe Biden is now played by actors including Jim Carrey. An ardent supporter of Donald Trump believes in this theory.

Jason Selfig talks to a Trump supporter who believes the actors will replace Joe Biden. – Twitter / @jasonselvig

The basics in brief

  • Jim Carrey is set to play the Joe Biden duo.
  • Some Donald Trump supporters currently believe this theory.
  • So is this woman who talked about it in an interview.

The defeat of the election of the former US President Donald Trump He severely shocked his loyal circle. The wild rumors kept spreading conspiracy theories About Joe Biden on Social Media.

Claims that only Joe Biden He won through voter fraudIt has long entered the mainstream thinking of Trump voters. In addition, according to some people, it is said that Joe Biden is long dead or hologram. or just through the actor Jim Carrey may have been replaced.

Actors replace Biden with masks

American In an interview with Jason Selfig, a member of the comedy duo The Good Liars, she revealed that she believes Biden is dead. His place is, among other things, the “Mask”the actor Performing with Joe Biden’s mask.

“I mean, there are multiple people playing Joe Biden,” the woman told Selvig. “And when he fell down the stairs when he got on the plane, I think it was Jim Carrey. I heard he was one of them.”

V4_Biden22 – YouTube / News 19 WLTX

Selvig looks skeptical and asks the woman to repeat what she said, which she does. She says Jim Carrey was trying to joke and thought it was a deliberate comedic downfall. He “fell down the stairs three times out of stupidity.” add that too the actor James Woods is one of the doubles.

Curry responded to the theory by uploading a Selvig video Twitter Spread. He simply wrote: “My dear. :^ •.” Woods has not yet commented on the matter.

What do you think of conspiracy theories?

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