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Lukas Tulovic: Pole, Platz 2 und Führung ausgebaut

Jerez: Lukas Tulovic behind Alex Escrig in second place / Moto2 European Championship

Alex Eskrig won the Moto2 EM at Jerez, and Lukas Tolovic consolidated his overall lead with second place. However, the weekend for the healthy driver was not without problems.

Alex Eskrig, who had to concede his supposed pole position to Lukas Tolovic due to the yellow flag stage, put the German under pressure from the start with a strong second-row start. On the second lap, the Spaniard passed the young IntactGP rider. Tolo then made a foul, went away by turn 13 and completed a long, voluntary penalty, so to speak, even knocking him out of the top five for a while.

However, Lukas Tolovic fought his way back to the three-man leading group which included Eskrig, Cardelos and Agios. However, Escrige lost five laps before the finish, leading the Yamaha Philippines Stylobike Racing Team’s Kalex rider towards his first win. Tolovic was still doing damage limiting and pushing each of the promotional race drivers. With second place, the 22-year-old from Eberbach boosted his lead in the European Championship to 29 points.

“It was a very difficult weekend for me, and it was the toughest holiday of the season so far,” Tolovic summed up. “It started off hard, I had two really bad falls. First of all I’m glad I’m healthy and able to drive today. The first place was a gift because Alex was faster in qualifying but his lap was cancelled. In the end, it doesn’t change anything for the race either I started from position 1 or 2. But I knew I was fast and could fight to win the race. I had good speed and good pace.”

“Unfortunately, after two laps, I almost hit Alex’s rear because he braked a little earlier than I expected. I lost a lot of time and some positions there. Then I had to catch up and so I had to push more with the front and rear wheels. That made it difficult for me. Driving fast at the end of the race. Alex timed the right moment to escape. But I’m very happy to get second place this weekend. I gave everything and in Portimao we’re fighting back”, the captain looked forward to the next event in two weeks.

European Moto2 Championship, Racing, Jerez (July 3):

1. Alex Eskrig, Calix, 17 laps in 29: 19.178 minutes
2. Lukas Tolovic, Calix, +1.543 seconds
3. Sina Agios, Calix +2,641
4. Xavier Cardelús, Kalex +2,905
5. Alex Toledo, Calix, +12510
6. Jirai Ruiz, Calix, +12872
7. Roberto Garcia, Calix +13122
8. Hector Garzo, MV Agusta +23,152
9. Piotr Biesiekirski, Kalex +31.359
10- Eduardo Montero KTM +43.023.23

15. Nikola Sizipa, Yamaha *, +1: 08.685 min
16. Kevin Urges, Yamaha * +1: 12.802
20. Freddy Heinrich, Yamaha * +1: 25.101

* = stock class

Moto2-EM status after 6 of 11 races:

1. Tolovic 135 points. 2 Agius 106 3 Ecrig 99 4 Toledo 77 5 Rato 51 6 Ruiz 41 7 Cardelús 40 8 Garcia 35 9 Montero 29 10 Paz 25