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Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi have split up

“weeks ago”

Love from Mark Terenzi and Jenny Elvers

Wasn’t it all just a PR gimmick? As soon as the “Club of Good Moods” aired, during which Mark Terenzi and Jenny Elvers fell in love, the relationship went down in history again. And that may have been the case for weeks, the stripper reveals.

“It’s all fake,” Cora Schumacher (47) recently said of the relationship between Mark Terenzi (44) and Jenny Elvers (50). It seems that she is not mistaken. Because now dancer Chippendales has announced that he and Elvers are going their separate ways.

“We broke up weeks ago. But I want to support them, so I kept quiet. The past few weeks haven’t been easy,” Terenzi told Bild.