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Japan: The vegan passenger only receives a banana in Business Class


Vegetarian Chris lost his appetite in business class

Chris Cherry recently traveled from Jakarta to Tokyo. But when the first meal was served on the seven-hour flight, he was in for a nasty surprise.


Most passengers on a JAL flight received tuna, salad, cheese and baguette as snacks. For passenger Chris Cherry, who eats vegan, there was just one banana.

Chris Shari

  • A passenger ordered vegan food on a Japan Airlines flight and was given a banana.

  • According to the menu, non-vegetarian passengers were served tuna with salad, cheese and baguette as a snack.

  • The airline has now apologized that its vegan offering did not live up to expectations.

Chris Cherry couldn’t believe his eyes when he was presented with his snack menu on a Japan Airlines flight recently. The man, who eats vegetarian, flew business class from Jakarta to Tokyo. A Japan Airlines spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the airline served two meals on the seven-hour flight.

Most passengers started with a light meal consisting of grilled tuna with Moroccan-style eggplant salad, cheese with orange dressing, and baguette. Shari expected a wide-ranging vegan snack like a sandwich, salad, vegan cheese, or baguette. Instead, he is given just one banana, complete with chopsticks, which are used as cutlery in Japanese cuisine.

The airline apologizes

A Japan Airlines representative later apologized for not meeting expectations and confirmed that the snack and refreshment option for all special meals on board was in fact a banana. The rep promised to take feedback from customers who wanted special meals and to respond with more varied options.

Shari reported that he received spaghetti as his second vegetarian meal. According to the airline’s website, non-vegetarian travelers on the same flight in February can choose cheese omelets, ratatouille, and chicken sausage on the Western menu, and grilled salmon on the Japanese menu.

Better icon image promised

The Japan Airlines website also lists a “vegetarian/vegetarian dish” under the special meal menu, and shows an example photo with a salad, baguette, halal sorbet and a larger rice dish.

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