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Jan Joseph Levers: You subscribe to #allemalneschichtmachen

Jan Joseph Levers: You subscribe to #allemalneschichtmachen

Updated April 28, 2021, 4:54 pm

  • Through a video campaign, several actors criticized Corona’s policy and faced headwinds to it.
  • In a dispute, Jean-Joseph Livres and Health Minister Jens Spahn have now presented their views in the discussion.
  • The actor is planning to work in the medical field for one shift soon.

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After heavy criticism for #allesdichtmachen work wants to act Yan Joseph Levers Participate in the counter-action #allemalneschichtmachen. The 56-year-old is in disagreement with the federal health minister Jens Span In the weekly “Die Zeit”.

Liefers participated in the event with a video in it Dozens of actresses and actors satirical clips Comment on the federal government’s policy on Corona.

Then I called emergency physician and blogger Carola Holzner – known in the network as “Doc Carew.” # O Lord Invite those involved to work on shift in the ambulance service or in the intensive care unit.

Span told the newspaper about him # Stamp it all up: “I find criticism in syllables partly tasteless and often undifferentiated.” But “the technical approach also does not allow for anything else.” Soon after the campaign appeared, the CDU politician invited the participating artists to a dialogue.

Leavers criticizes Opinion Bubbles

“It’s not like I think everything we do is perfect,” Span said. “What really bothers me, however, is the thesis that it is often claimed that we have media in our country allied only with the government.”

Leviers replied, “Of course, the short videos are indistinguishable. Of course they are partially unfair. But in these short clips and at the level of satire, there is no other way.”

He said that in the German Democratic Republic, where the man grew up from Dresden, “He would have been imprisoned for a video like this. But even what we live here is not nice.” “Today the good old class struggle no longer explains the world – instead there is a bubble struggle between people of different opinion bubbles.” (dpa / thp)