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James Webb's first photos will cause a "wow".

James Webb’s first photos will cause a “wow”.

In the July 12 NASA will take the first color photos of James Webb Space Telescope Publish. Space enthusiasts, astronomers and scientists are anxiously awaiting what and what these images will look like new insights This will result.

10 billion dollars he have 20 years Long development of the James Webb Telescope (JWST) cost. But it is clear that all the money is well invested Klaus Pontopedanan astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

The long awaited “Wow”

The images will appeal to astronomers and the public The long awaited “wow” Delivery”, the world of STScI from Adapted from The institute founded by NASA is heavily involved in the development of the James Webb Telescope.

JWST’s photos are said to be unprecedented visions of the universe Enable and illuminate what was previously hidden. However, what will appear in the first full-color image is Not completely clearAnd the Is it[called[يسمى From the European Space Agency in a broadcast: “The new telescope is like this strongIt is difficult to predict exactly what the first images will look like.”

JWST was hit by a small meteor

One shock moment Was there in early June, as one of the main mirrors of the space telescope of Micrometeorites wash it. “No need to worry,” NASA wrote in a tweet at the time.

The US space agency said the telescope is still capable of operating at a level that exceeds all mission requirements. It looks like the James Webb Telescope has been collided in one way or another survived unscathed.

The so-called small meteorites grains one size speck of dustwith the extremist high speeds Rush through space. The US space agency assumes that there will be more impacts from micro-meteorites during the service life of the James Webb Telescope.