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JAGS in a duel with Barenbach / Koflach for 10th place – HLA MEISTERLIGA

In the head-to-head duel between roomz JAGS Vöslau and HSG XeNTiS Bärnbach/Köflach, it’s less about 10th place and more about the highlights of the relegation qualifiers. The JAGS team presented themselves as hard as a bear at Bregenz Handball last week, bringing the record champions to the brink of defeat. At Bärnbach/Köflach, the defensive performance against Graz has improved over the past few days.

Since the private hall is not currently available, a double event will be held in Wiener Neustadt with the WHA. For JAGS, there’s a lot at stake in this game against their immediate neighbors in the table, especially since important points can be taken in the relegation playoffs.

HSG was able to win the first match against Vöslauer, but JAGS has recently shown an upward trend and only gained points in Bregenz. Based on that means Coach Jan Niklas Richter: “We boosted morale last week, worked a lot, the team had a great battle and harmony as a team. If we use these virtues to influence against the Styrians, I expect a tough game, but in the end our young team will win.”

Visit the neighbor’s table in Vöslau!
After a disappointing derby this weekend, HSG XeNTiS Bärnbach-Köflach Proms meet JAGS Vöslau on Saturday. The young team is currently tied to HSG XeNTiS in 11th place in the table. With a good game and thus a narrow defeat at Bregenz Handball, Vöslau made everyone sit up and take notice last Saturday. A strong spinner, fast wingers and young central builder creates a buzz in Vöslau’s offensive game.

On the other hand, the handball camp in West Styria is still upset by the apparent defeat in the derby, but still looks positively towards the weekend. This week they are fully specialized in defense and hopefully they can fill in these “gaps”. HSG Budovic also received special goalkeeper training from an experienced Slovenian goalkeeper coach this week.

HSG XeNTiS’s point win won’t change much in table mode. However, every point has great significance in the upcoming relegation playoffs.

Christian Glaser, sporting director, HSG XeNTiS Bärnbach / Köflach: “It’s an important game for both clubs. We focused on defense this week. Whether Milos Djordjevic comes back in full fitness again this weekend is still in the stars.”

Day 20 Main Round Matches HLA MEISTERLIGA

roomz JAGS Vöslau vs HSG XeNTiS Bärnbach / Köflach
First round: HSG XeNTiS Bärnbach / Köflach vs Roomz JAGS Vöslau 31:27 (16:14)
Saturday 12 March 2022 at 6:00 pm