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Ivana Knoll: Miami is hot! Miss Croatia drives NBA fans crazy – US SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

What does Ivana Knoll (30 years old) actually do?

The former Miss Croatia caused a sensation at the World Cup in Qatar, revealing her performances. Wherever she appeared at the tournament in the emirate, everyone wanted to take a selfie with her. Now she’s driving basketball fans crazy too!

The model posted two photos from the NBA game between the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets (101: 102) on Instagram to her 3.6 million followers. Knoll, who was born to a German and Croatian daughter in Frankfurt, shows off her stomach in a T-shirt designed by Heat star Jimmy Butler and red skinny jeans. Miami Hot!

Given their fashion, some fans on social networks feared that Knöll could distract players and referees.

The beautiful Croatian has recently often visited the United States and posted photos from New York and Florida. Last week, she appeared at a party hosted by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, at the “Baby Steak” restaurant in Miami. There she really let it blow, partying with Canadian rap star Drake (36), among others, before leaving the site with DiCaprio’s co-star Jamie Foxx (55).


Fans drop cases
Argentine Naked Madness!

Source: Twitter: @Ismanewells_

Knoll got a huge career boost from her performance in Qatar. Her follower numbers exploded, as media outlets around the world reported on the Croatia super fans. It is also evident that it has been well received by some football stars.

“Yes, I can remember the messages from the players,” she revealed in an interview with Barstool Sports. Knöll continues: “They wrote ‘How are you, blah blah blah'”. Some of the players also apologized in advance for the game the next day. Knöll’s wonderful reply: “I answered them after they lost.”

Let’s see where the form will appear next. As a reminder: on February 12, the 57th Super Bowl will be held in Glendale (US state of Arizona). It’s very likely that Ivana Knoll will drive NFL fans crazy…