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It's too late - launch is not planned for 2022

It’s too late – launch is not planned for 2022

Big tech companies have been working on a common smart home standard for some time: Theme. With Theme Different smart home systems must be able to interconnect with each other. So the search for the right appliances for your smart home should be over soon. Now, however, the start has been postponed Theme.

The start date of the legal matter has been postponed to 2022

With Theme You must create a common basis for controlling your smart devices. The point is that your devices can be controlled in different systems. A thermostat that actually only listens to Alexa can be used Theme It can also be controlled via HomeKit or Google Assistant. Actually it should be Theme Starting from the end of 2021. Now is the start of the smart home standard Theme However, postpone it until 2022. According to the president of the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), Toby Richardson, there will be more time to develop Theme essential.

CSA is a consortium of technology companies that work together to develop Theme work. Apple, Google and Amazon are also part of the CSA. Official Software Development Kit from Theme It should now be completed in the first half of 2022. Smart home product manufacturers can then start production and Theme Merge.

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