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"It's time for a dating lesbian show"

“It’s time for a dating lesbian show”

Irina Schluch, 30, born in Cologne, is the first “princess witch” on the dating show to search for a partner.


Irina Schlausch is the “Princess Charming” in the world’s first lesbian dating show. The attorney spoke in an interview about the clichés and why the show originally caused a nonsense storm.

RTL Media Group TVNow will be launching a premiere tonight: The world’s first “Princess Charming” movie is airing. 30-year-old Irina Hose is looking for a partner on the show. The SPIEGEL A Cologne woman asked about the lesbians dating show. First of all, the question arose as to why now only such a program is shown on TV.

Irina Schluch believes that no one has dared to launch such a format yet. “Perhaps out of fear that women are not having enough fun or that the audience for the lesbian dating show is not present,” she tries to explain the truth. Moreover, gay men are often more open-minded, and they prefer to introduce themselves and celebrate their sexuality more.

The male counterpart “Prince Charming” has been present in German-speaking countries since 2019; In the USA, Finding Prince Charming has been working on the same principle since 2016.

Lesbians do not hate men

Hose assures Spiegel that this offer is also very interesting. Broadcast provider TVNow has come under fire because the original concept of “Princess Charming” must have been filled with an “cute bisexual” lady. So both men and women would have participated in the dating show.

The attorney could explain this approach, but he would not have requested the offer: “Perhaps the broadcaster thought that a bisexual variable could attract more people, that is, men and women.”

A dirty storm formed on social media in response to this concept. Khartoum can understand the resentment that a purely male dating show has now to be followed by a purely female one. “I wouldn’t have applied for a bisexual surrogate – not because I hate men,” stresses the Cologne woman. It is this prejudice that many lesbian women adhere to. She simply does not want to compete with men for women.

With her participation, she wants to give the lesbian community a stage that was barely visible until now. “Others should be encouraged to stand up for homosexuality,” says Khartoum. According to Spiegel, she found the natural Prince Charming method so beautiful, which also prompted her to apply.

Whether it was in your relationship with someone from the dating show, Irina Khartoum simply replied: “I am very happy now.”

You can find the full interview with Irina Schluch Here. Princess Charming is running today TVNow a.